Launching Tetherow Lodges and First-Ever GolfBoard-Only Golf Tournament

When it comes to Tetherow Resort, you just need to know one thing: everything about the place is special. From the vision to the team to the terrain and amenities, we have had plenty of ways to engage media. We have hosted key travel and golf media at the new Tetherow Lodges and invited them to enjoy the resort’s unique amenities such as GolfBoards (4-wheel drive ‘surfboards’), Mindful Golf, Speedgolf along with some delicious meals at their newest restaurant, The Row. Perhaps most entertaining of all was a day spent with Big waver surfer, Laird Hamilton, co-founder of GolfBoard. Along side this entrepreneurial fun hog, media participated in the first-ever GolfBoard-only golf tournament, and they loved it. Media pick-up included GOLF, Golf Digest, Yahoo! Sports/Grind TV, and more.