Campbell Hits Multiple National Markets for Deschutes Brewery’s New Charity Initiative

When Deschutes Brewery planned a new charitable giving initiative for 2015, they went big. Huge, in fact. They built a custom 402-foot giant “Street Pub” with 40 taps and took it all around the country, shutting down city blocks for charity for one day only. In each city the Street Pub visited, a charity partner received 100 percent of the proceeds – equaling more than $300,000 for its inaugural year.

Promoting the Street Pub in seven very distinct markets took a concerted effort on the public relations front. The goal was to receive a broad mix of feature media coverage in each market that spanned print, online and broadcast media. We started by analyzing each market’s media mix and interviewing the partners in the region (in-market sales people, distributors and charity partners) about their own relationships and experiences with local media outlets.

The Street Pub coverage ranged from in-market entertainment guides and television morning shows, all the way to national coverage by lifestyle and trade publications:  bringing out thousands of people and raising big dollars for partner charities.